Elizar – Fall Photoshoot {Humble TX Family Photographer}

1st day of cold weather in Houston and I thought – great, perfect for Eli’s fall photoshoot. It was gloomier than I would have prefered but there was no going back. I changed my little man in his fancy outfit, held my breath and hoped and prayed that he doesn’t take it off and throw a fit! To my surprise, he checked himself out in the mirror and proclaimed that “he is sooo cute!”Ha, what a relief! I could handle the gloomy weather, but a fussy child on the other hand is not something photo post processing can fix.

We headed over to a field in Eagle Springs with beautiful tall grass and woods in the background. Armed with a crate and bucket full of red apples, I arranged the set and and simply encouraged Eli to go and play. My thoughtful little boy brought audience to support him – his favorite transformers. He set them close to him where they all had front row seats to the show and then dove into the photoshoot. Literary! Such an easy model – I did not give him even one direction, just kept snapping away while he was being silly and ate at least three apples.

Once Eli’s gallery was ready, I called him in for an inspection and asked him which image shall we order to display in his room. Any guesses?

What was I thinking? No one can compare to Optimus Prime, not even a bucket with bright red ripe apples!


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