Belly Bump Watch Series – Judit: 39 Weeks {Humble TX Maternity Photographer}

Thinking of my friend today as it’s her DUE DATE!

40 weeks of patience and anticipation. The belly boy has grown comfortably as we can see from the documentary below 🙂

Wishing the whole family easy and smooth welcoming of their new addition.


Belly Bump Watch Series – Rosalind: 25 Weeks {Humble TX Maternity Photographer}

So thankful to my mommy clients who confidently show off their belly bumps – it’s the most magical thing.

Rosalind is enjoying one quite active little princess. The hiccups, the kicks and stretching mommy’s belly from one end to the other are things that daddies can only dream about. Unless of course they had some spicy mexican food and all the rumbles in their stomachs make them claim “Oh, we know how that feels” 😀

Here are my favorites from our session: