Maggie – 6 months session {Eagle Springs Kids Photographer}

I met Maggie during her sister’s Emerson photo session earlier this year. She was so quiet and delightful the whole time! When her mommy called me to schedule her 6 months session, I couldn’t wait to capture her peaceful demeanor.

We headed over to a field I had loved for my son’s fall pictures with the idea to tie it with Maggie’s adorable butterfly dress. My heart was literary broken when as we approached the location, we discovered that it was torn now by construction – a new neighborhood was going in. Very few patches of grass were left, yet the pictures that we squeezed in there are some of my favorites as they carry such an intriguing variety of color in them.

Thankfully, next to the field there was a park that welcomed us with its cozy woodsy feel. Baby Maggie was so happy to be out of the weeds 🙂 All we did is put a blanket down for her and she wowed us with her big smiles and playful character.

Capturing the details we tend to overlook normally is so much fun!

And here comes my favorite capture of the day:

Followed by adorable details again! Maggie was eyeing her toes and didn’t hesitate to take action 🙂

Wonder how much you’ve grown up by now Maggie. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Elizar – Fall Photoshoot {Humble TX Family Photographer}

1st day of cold weather in Houston and I thought – great, perfect for Eli’s fall photoshoot. It was gloomier than I would have prefered but there was no going back. I changed my little man in his fancy outfit, held my breath and hoped and prayed that he doesn’t take it off and throw a fit! To my surprise, he checked himself out in the mirror and proclaimed that “he is sooo cute!”Ha, what a relief! I could handle the gloomy weather, but a fussy child on the other hand is not something photo post processing can fix.

We headed over to a field in Eagle Springs with beautiful tall grass and woods in the background. Armed with a crate and bucket full of red apples, I arranged the set and and simply encouraged Eli to go and play. My thoughtful little boy brought audience to support him – his favorite transformers. He set them close to him where they all had front row seats to the show and then dove into the photoshoot. Literary! Such an easy model – I did not give him even one direction, just kept snapping away while he was being silly and ate at least three apples.

Once Eli’s gallery was ready, I called him in for an inspection and asked him which image shall we order to display in his room. Any guesses?

What was I thinking? No one can compare to Optimus Prime, not even a bucket with bright red ripe apples!