2016 Fall Mini Sessions in the Heights, Houston, TX

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It’s the one time of the year when all of us like to update our family photos and what better way to do it than with an affordable and hassle free mini session!

What is a mini session? Usually, a limited, only a few times a year offer, where the photographer determines a fixed location, a predetermined day and time slots and the families come one after another. This has always made me a little nervous. What if a family is a few minutes late? Their already limited time will be cut even shorter or they will run into the next family’s session. What if rains? Multiple families will have to be rescheduled.

So my goal this year was to provide a stress free experience for both my clients and me. I have decided to make my Fall 2016 Mini Sessions tailored towards each of you. You and I agree on the day and time (Oct 1 through Nov 20). We will meet for 20 mins and I will provide you with 10 fully edited high resolution images in both color and black and white through a download link. And the only condition is that the location is in the Heights, Houston, TX, but you can take me anywhere you’d like in the Heights – in a park, by the bayou, at a gazebo or a graffiti wall or even just on 19th street to capture the old town feel. It’s up to you!

Booking is now open – I would love to hear from you at denitsa.zinsmeister@gmail.com.

And don’t forget to look at all of my packages that I offer year around if you are looking for a different location or longer sessions at http://www.PhotoCacophony.com/Info

The Sutton Family {Spring TX Family Photographer}

It’s always a thrill for me when my clients suggest a location I have never been to before. It’s like opening a new present. I make it a priority go get there much earlier than our appointment time, to walk around and look through the view finder and imagine what the final picture will look like.

The Sutton family loved the Gleannloch Farms entrance in Spring TX and off we went for their photo session there.

Breathtaking momma-to-be, Alison was radiating.

How much fun are these two?

Little Madison, big sister to be, literary stopped me in my tracks with this look:

We were amazingly lucky as the sun started setting and the golden hour arrived. The light turned very soft and flattering. The images to follow carry such a different feel – more sensual and leaving you with the feeling as if the rest of the World retracts and it’s all about the bond this family treasures.

I loved meeting this family. Thank you David, Alison and Madison for showing me this amazing location and letting me capture you before baby sister arrives.

Cristina {Eagle Springs TX Maternity Photographer}

There is something special in mommies-to-be, a confidence that I don’t see in my other subjects, a delicacy and profoundness that streams in every image I take of them. Cristina is a true example. In the beginning of her maternity photoshoot in the English Garden in Eagle Springs, TX I wasn’t sure how comfortable she would be with some individual closeups. Decide for yourself:

Her favorite two men couldn’t wait to join in on the fun as well.

Cristina had warned me about little Billy – her adorable son soo to be a big brother. She worried he wouldn’t cooperate for the pictures. When I hear that I aways think – perfect, I’ll get really great natural shots of him having fun. Billy I think surprised even his mommy and daddy how great he was!

It really touched my heart when Cristina asked me to take some shots of Billy with his daddy. I am always on the hunt for great photos of Eli with Robb, fathers and sons have a special connection that has no limits.

What made me the happiest was when Cristina and her husband made time for themselves – no words can relay the chemistry that those two have:


What a gorgeous family this baby girl is being welcomed in!

Belly Bump Watch Series – Rosalind: 31 Weeks {Humble TX Maternity Photographer}

Time flies by when you are having fun and when there are holidays ahead 🙂 Rosalind is already 31 weeks! And before we know it, engrossed in Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping, she will be at the threshold of meeting her new baby girl. I keep changing my mind on which belly bump  pose of hers I love the most so here is the one I favor today:

Belly Bump Watch Series – Judit: 39 Weeks {Humble TX Maternity Photographer}

Thinking of my friend today as it’s her DUE DATE!

40 weeks of patience and anticipation. The belly boy has grown comfortably as we can see from the documentary below 🙂

Wishing the whole family easy and smooth welcoming of their new addition.

Belly Bump Watch Series – Rosalind: 25 Weeks {Humble TX Maternity Photographer}

So thankful to my mommy clients who confidently show off their belly bumps – it’s the most magical thing.

Rosalind is enjoying one quite active little princess. The hiccups, the kicks and stretching mommy’s belly from one end to the other are things that daddies can only dream about. Unless of course they had some spicy mexican food and all the rumbles in their stomachs make them claim “Oh, we know how that feels” 😀

Here are my favorites from our session:

Belly Bump Watch Series – Judit: 35 Weeks {Humble TX Maternity Photographer}

Week 35! The baby can come any time from now on, however I am secretly hoping that Judit and I will be able to squeeze in a 39 week session.

Meanwhile, big sister-to-be Mary, is sooo excited about her mommy’s growing belly. She would kiss it and run back to the camera to check out the results, repeat this time hugging mommy while elegantly lifting a foot in the air in a ballerina pose. She is so “stinking cute” as Judit tenderly refers to her daughter – how can mommy’s face not light up in pure joy every time this little ball of energy runs towards her?!

We ended the session with some higher end style poses and interesting light effects.

Baby Allen – It’s a … {Humble TX Maternity Photographer}

My close friend and fellow photographer from http://www.rlaphotography.com has big news to announce: It’s a GIRL!

I was so honored to be able to capture Rosalind and her family’s joy – little Bella couldn’t have looked more thrilled:

We had such a genuinely fun photoshoot, it naturally rolled into hugs and kisses for the vibrant family 🙂

Congratulations to the Allen’s Family!!!

Belly Bump Watch Series – Judit: 31 Weeks {Humble, TX Maternity Photographer}

Yesterday, Judit and I had our regular Belly Bump Watch session. We started when she was only 19 weeks and hardly showing at that time. 4 sessions later and this belly has made some significant progress.

I couldn’t help but take advantage of the many different shots we took and had a lot of fun editing them creatively too.