Maggie is 1! {Eagle Springs, TX Kids Photographer}

Miss Maggie is one of the happiest little girls I have met. To mark her 1st birthday we had an outdoor photoshoot in Eagle Springs, TX as well an inside cake smash session. She lasted through it all with a big smile.

And once we tired Maggie off she was ready for a big sweet treat to get her energy back:


Baby Noah { Houston TX Newborn Photographer}

Meet baby Noah! His parents opted for a lifestyle newborn session combined with staged poses which is one of my favorites. It’s so difficult for parents who had their little one just days ago to bring themselves to be in the pictures, but it’s so very worth it years from now.

Noah was just an angel – he was calm and quiet for the shots in which he was awake and alert, and so sweet during the sleepy poses:

And let’s not forget the tiny details:

You are so loved little Noah!

Baby Cadence – 7 Days New {Eagle Springs TX Newborn Photographer}

Baby Cadence had me at “hello” :)!!!

What newborn wouldn’t capture anyone’s heart instantaneously! But Cadence not only was the cutest, so peaceful and huggable – but also smiled a ton. I remember the first time she smiled, I snapped a quick photo, put my camera down and proceeded to admire her sincere happy face. Her mommy enjoyed my reaction and then reminded me gently “Keep shooting” – DUH! Of course. I hoped so bad that little Cadence would give us even more smiles and she sure did not disappoint!

Cadence was my first newborn to capture before the age of 10 days. And what a difference it made! She slept during the whole time with the exception of this one cold wipe that woke her up a little. Newborns and what feels to us normal temperature do not go together. I always warn my mommies and daddies – get the temperature up in the room to 85F at minimum. If we are sweating that means baby is comfortable!

And even when she was awake, she just looked at us with eyes full of curiosity, stayed still and let me pose her and take the most precious pictures of her. Key to each newborn session – if you are serious about capturing your little ones as newborns, do it in the first 10-15 days. I am a mom as well, and I understand how HARD it is to even think about this once your precious one is born – there is no time for anything, you are sleep deprived and your world was just turned upside down. Make the arrangements for the photo session before the baby is here, so that you have a peace of mind. And block off ~3 hours for the photographer to be in your home – a little one cannot be rushed – they need to have full bellies, be dry and happy!

Here are some more images of this adorable little girl, and let’s not forget the tiny details that pull it all together.