Alyssa & Gabriel – AHS Homecoming {Humble TX Couples Photographer}

I big question mark possessed my mind as I was preparing for Alyssa’s and Gabriel’s Homecoming photosession. I knew I wanted to take them to the Eagle Springs English Garden, but I thought “It’s Homecoming Dance night! So would the photographers of all the other students!?”

Little I knew what was in front of me – nothing could have prepared me for the amount of people that literary overtook the gardens! There was no parking spot left, cars lined up the sides of the street – it looked like one big wedding. I strategically looked around to identify spots were we could take some photos undisturbed. Thankfully, by the time our session started, everyone moved around a bit giving us 5-10 min windows to capture the places I had envisioned. With the exception of one place that Alyssa’s grandma kept for us under a strict watch until we were ready đŸ™‚

So lessons learned, it’s essential to take your time in a situation like this to get the shots that everyone hoped for. I especially loved how towards the end of the session both Alyssa and Gabriel started relaxing and getting in a party mood – it helped bring out their personalities and lit up their faces.

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