Photo Cacophony New Client Packaging {Humble TX & The Heights Houston TX Family Photographer}

As part of my packages I have always offered an instant download of the fully edited high resolution images. However, a lot of you have asked me for CDs – a tangible, meaningful home for the memories we captured together.

And so I am SUPER excited to introduce a special BONUS for all “Classic” and “Oh Baby! Newborn” sessions:

1/ a CUSTOM DVD with the images from your session:
Client Packaging (2 of 7)
Client Packaging (1 of 7)

2/ or if you prefer the instant download instead of the custom DVD, I’d love you to have my personal favorite – a KEEPSAKE 4×5 PROOFBOOK with 20-30 images from your session:

Client Packaging (6 of 7)
Client Packaging (7 of 7)

These bonuses are included only in the “Classic” and “Oh, Baby! Newborn” sessions. The “Short & Sweet” and the “Fly on the Wall” sessions come with an instant download only. However, you can choose the custom DVD and/or the keepsake proofbook as addons to those at $15/each!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂 In fact I miss the era before digital photography with the photo albums that we had on coffee tables, and in photo boxes. I am on a mission to go through my personal digital albums and order keepsake books for each trip, event, milestone we’ve marked with my family.


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