Giving Back – 2012 Eagle Springs Kids’ Triathlon {Humble Family Photographer}

Photography has been such a fulfilling passion for me. When you dive into something until the dawn starts breaking in the morning and not even feel tired, is when you know it’s in you. It’s been an especially rewarding experience once I discovered that I can “Give Back” to the community I live in with what I love doing the most.

My first opportunity came along with the 2nd Annual Kids’ Triathlon that was held in my neighborhood last month. The organizers, all volunteers, were looking for someone to capture the event. I didn’t think twice. And I if I had to do it again, I would in a heartbeat!

Below are some glimpses of the event, impeccably organized, full of the kids’ enthusiasm and the parents’ endless support and pride. Wish I could feature all the kids in this tiny blog post! For those curious to look at the whole album, go to: 2012 ES Kids’ Triathlon featuring also photos by the wonderful Courtney Paul Photography who volunteered with me to cover this  event.


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